NHDP - Will NHGOP Leader Matt Mowers Bring Chris Christie’s Dirty New Jersey Politics to New Hampshire?

NH Republicans love tweeting about Chris Christie, but won’t be honest with voters about their top staffer’s role in his rapidly growing scandal  
Concord – The NHGOP is still dodging questions about their top staffer’s involvement in New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s mounting scandal, more than five days after news broke about Christie’s senior aides ordering political retribution against the city of Fort Lee by shutting down lanes on the busiest bridge in the world.
The Nashua Telegraph reported this weekend that, Matt Mowers, the NHGOP’s executive director, was not only a Christie aide but for three years worked directly under Christie’s now disgraced deputy chief of staff, who was fired last week for directing the forced bridge closing.  Additionally, the Telegraph reported, “Mowers was in charge of Bergen County, home of Fort Lee, and he tweeted often throughout the spring about local officials he recruited to embrace Christie’s re-election campaign.” And in fact, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday evening that Mowers himself approached the Mayor of Fort Lee directly for his endorsement of Christie during the governor’s reelection campaign. But according to the WSJ, “Mowers didn’t respond to requests for comment.”
The NHGOP and Matt Mowers can’t hide from the people of New Hampshire forever. Eventually, they will have to come clean about what role Mowers played in the scheme that put people’s safety at risk to exact political revenge.
“Matt Mowers spent years working under now-disgraced aides of Chris Christie, and we are all left to wonder what dirty tricks they taught him and what plans he has to use them in New Hampshire,” said NHDP Communications Director Harrell Kirstein. “Granite Staters deserve to know about Mowers’s role in Christie’s growing bridge scandal. Did he bully the mayor of Fort Lee when he declined to endorse Christie? Was he a part of the scheme to shut down the George Washington Bridge? Simply put, he and the NHGOP leadership should come clean and answer some basic questions for the people of New Hampshire.”
Three Simple Questions for Matt Mowers and the New Hampshire GOP:
1.      When did Mowers hear about the plan to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge to punish Fort Lee, and was he involved in concocting it?

2.      What contact, if any, did Mowers have with employees of the Port Authority, and did others within the Christie campaign have contact with Port Authority employees?

3.      When was the last time Mowers talked to Bridget Kelly and Bill Sepien, his two former bosses who have been forced to resign, and did they discuss the bridge scandal?
Preventing emergency personnel from doing their jobs and putting people’s safety at risk for political revenge is wrong.  But until the NHGOP comes clean, the people of New Hampshire will be left wondering if the state GOP condones that kind of shameful scheming and dirty politics by employing Matt Mowers.
*Bonus: Why was Jennifer Horn’s New Hampshire GOP the only state Republican Party in the country defending Christie last week?