ALG's Daily Grind - America's freedom continues to slip


Jan. 14, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

America's freedom continues to slip
The Heritage Foundation has released its 2014 Index of Economic freedom and results for the United States are predictably poor, slipping further from the top 10 most free economies in the world. There is, however, reason for optimism.

Cartoon: "Wolf of Stonewall Street"

Annoying greenies on the defense
Climate change alarmists are on the defense after a CBS 60 Minutes report about how the green energy sector has flopped and continues to cost Americans billions.

What Boehner can learn from Jersey Democrats
Lane closures are still garnering front page attention from the national media. It's a well-executed plan from Democrats in New Jersey and it's something that John Boehner can learn about dealing with Obama's scandals.