CEI Today: Obamacare ruling, new Obamaloans, and the budget deal agreement

Thursday, January 16, 2014
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Obamacare Court Ruling in Halbig a Major Blow to Opt-Out States


The court’s ruling today in Halbig v. Sebelius delivers a major blow to the states that chose not to participate in the Obamacare insurance exchange program. It is also a blow to the small businesses, employees and individuals who live in those states as well. In upholding this IRS regulation that is contrary to the law enacted by Congress, this decision guts the choice made by a majority of the states to stay out of the exchange program.

We have appealed this decision, and will shortly move to expedite the appeal.
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NRO: Obamaloans - How Obama plans to use Dodd-Frank to take over the financial industry


The administration is waging subtle war on the small financial businesses that serve [the subprime] market. If it is successful and destroys these industries, what will replace them? The administration’s answer is simple: Obamaloans.

This is subtly building an infrastructure to allow the federal government to lend money to the poor through a network of intermediaries, financed by taxpayers rather than investors. And it offers another glimpse into how the Obama administration intends to change America.
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Openmarket.org: Budget Deal Agreement and State of the Union Address Continue to Neglect Debt and Economy

We’re getting our $1.1 trillion discretionary budget deal this week, officially ejecting the sequester that alone was cutting spending. President Obama has already pivoted to an “income inequality” agenda.

Before every spending or regulatory action, Congress should ask, “How is this ‘necessary and proper’ to carry out an enumerated or delegated power,” as the Cato Institute‘s Bob Levy would say.

Instead, the budget agreement broadly affirms a modern American spending and regulatory state no longer constitutionally barred from whatever intervention it fancies. > Read more

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