NHDP - Urgent Polling Update

Dear Friend:

The latest public poll shows great news for New Hampshire Democrats in 2014. Today's Public Policy Polling survey reveals New Hampshire Republicans and their out of touch candidates are in their worst shape since Election Day 2012 when they were swept out of offices up and down the ticket.  

With Republicans on the run, we have an opportunity to re-elect our hardworking Democratic leaders in Concord and Washington, but also take back our majority in the State Senate.  Tea Party Republicans in the State Senate have blocked Medicaid expansion, blocked a New Hampshire minimum wage, and blocked any attempts to advance an innovative agenda to move New Hampshire forward.  This fall, we can reverse course and throw them out of office with your support.


National Republicans pledged to rebrand their out of touch party after the 2012 elections, but the NHGOP doubled down on the same chilling rhetoric and Tea Party policies that alienated Granite State voters.  More than a year removed from throwing Republicans out of office in 2012, New Hampshire voters have noticed nothing has changed and have a negative opinion of every single NHGOP candidate.  

When voters were asked if they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of ...

...Scott Brown they said NO.
Favorable 34%
Unfavorable 40%

...Jim Rubens they said NO.
Favorable 8%
Unfavorable 24%

...Bob Smith they said NO.

Favorable 19%
Unfavorable 37%

...Karen Testerman they said NO.

Favorable 7%
Unfavorable 20%

...Chuck Morse they said NO.

Favorable 7%
Unfavorable 15%

...Bill Binnie they said NO.

Favorable 11%
Unfavorable 19%

...Andrew Hemingway they said NO.

Favorable 4%
Unfavorable 13%

PPP also reported New Hampshire Republicans are wrong on the issues.  A majority of New Hampshire supports a minimum wage, supports commonsense gun violence prevention measures, supports measure equality, and supports extending unemployment benefits.  New Hampshire Republicans unfortunately do not.  


Voters are ready to toss Senate President Chuck Morse and his Tea Party band of obstructionist state senators out of powers.  Today's poll shows voters prefer Democratic majorities in the State House and State Senate by a 43% - 39% margin.  More importantly, among New Hampshire's critical moderate voters, Democratic candidates have an incredible 2-1 advantage -- 48% - 24%.  

It is crystal clear that the path to moving New Hampshire forward towards a brighter future lies in the result of the 2014 elections.  The brand of the Republican Party is at an-all time low.  They are on the wrong side of the issues.  And every single one of their candidates is massively unpopular.  

Join us today with a $100, $65, or $25 contribution and help us continue moving New Hampshire forward.

Best wishes,  

Raymond Buckley, Chairman
New Hampshire Democratic Party