NH GOP - They're Getting Nervous



Jeanne Shaheen and the liberal Democratic Leadership in Washington are nervous. 

A new poll out this week shows that Granite Staters are fed up with Senator Shaheen's failed leadership and abysmal record representing Granite Staters. They are tired of having a senator like Jeanne Shaheen who votes with Barack Obama over 95% of the time and blindly takes orders from Washington politicians instead of standing up for the people of New Hampshire. 
After five statewide campaigns and nearly a quarter of a century in office, Jeanne Shaheen can't even get the support of half of voters surveyed - a disastrous sign for an incumbent. 
Representatives Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster have also let down their constituents by voting for more spending and job-killing tax increases. They have forgotten what is important to YOU and have abandoned New Hampshire's fiscally responsible values.
Even worse for Senator Shaheen and Representatives Kuster and Shea-Porter is the growing opposition in New Hampshire to ObamaCare. This poll shows that in the wake of the botched ObamaCare rollout and the Heatlhcare.gov fiasco, 65% of voters believe that the program is unsuccessful.
New Hampshire voters have a proud tradition of sending independent and fiscally responsible leaders to represent them in Congress. Legendary statesmen including Senators Styles Bridges, Norris Cotton and Warren Rudman have served Granite Staters with dedication and distinction.
Senator Shaheen and Representatives Kuster and Shea-Porter have fallen short of New Hampshire's high standards by refusing to work across the aisle and serving as automatic votes for Obama's failed policies. They have demonstrated that they would rather carry water for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi instead of working to get results for their constituents
In 2014, voters will have a chance to replace Senator Shaheen and Representatives Kuster and Shea-Porter with fiscally responsible Republicans. But the liberal special interests that back them will stop at nothing to keep their reliable votes for their destructive agenda in Congress.
Thank you,
Senator Scott Brown


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