NHDP - MEMO: Big Oil Is Scott Brown’s Anchor, And He Knows It Takes Him Down

FROM: New Hampshire Democratic Party
TO: Interested Parties
Scott Brown’s pro-oil voting record torpedoed his Senate re-election campaign in Massachusetts and in New Hampshire, that record will be just as – if not more — damaging.
Scott Brown doesn’t like it when that record is exposed.  He had a meltdown in 2011 when the League of Conservation Voters told the people of Massachusetts about his votes for billions of dollars of special breaks for big oil companies, and the thousands he collected in campaign contributions.
The LCV ads exposed Brown’s record perfectly: “Brown sided with Big Oil — taking thousands from oil companies just weeks before he voted to keep their special tax breaks.
Public polling in Massachusetts after the ads were broadcast, showed Brown’s double digit lead gone, and his opponent Elizabeth Warren up by 7 points, the same margin that would decide the race. The more voters learned of Brown’s repeated votes to protect Big Oil and the big campaign contributions he was collecting from big oil, the less they liked him.
After the LCV ad, Brown “lost ground in both his job approval and favorability ratings” – 8 points in job approval, 10 points in favorability and another 10 points in the head-to-head match-up against Warren.

Now Scott Brown is thinking about running for the U.S. Senate from New Hampshire. Different state, but his record for Big Oil is the same. Now, he’s got the Koch brothers pouring hundreds of thousands of their out-of-state oil money into New Hampshire attacking our Senator Jeanne Shaheen to help Brown get into the race.
New Hampshire is known for its fiercely independent voters who won’t stand for a politician like Scott Brown putting the interests of Big Oil companies ahead of theirs.
In New Hampshire, Brown has neither the luxury of a double-digit lead or the same level of name identification he had in early polls in his home state of Massachusetts.  In a stark contrast, even after $568,000 in attack ads trying to drag Brown into the race, public polling still shows Granite State voters don’t like him. Even more telling: a majority of people in New Hampshire don’t see Brown as one of them and two thirds don’t think he should run.
In fact Brown even has major problems with his own party. The latest public poll revealed that there would be “trouble ahead” for Brown with the NHGOP base: “A plurality of GOP voters say they’d be less likely to vote for a candidate who supported an assault weapons ban, and voters also react negative to someone who is pro-choice on the issue of abortion.” At a party fundraiser in Nashua, hundreds of New Hampshire Republican voters and activists braved a cold and wet December blizzard to protest Brown’s attendance. The protesters on the snowbanks outside vastly outnumbered the guests inside the event with him.
Exposing Brown’s record for the Big Oil companies over middle class families will be devastating for him here in New Hampshire and Brown will find already-skeptical Granite State voters turn against him even faster than Massachusetts voters did last year.