NHDP - National Scrutiny Focuses on NHGOP Involvement in Christie BridgeGate Scandal

Concord – The New Hampshire Republican Party’s top staffer’s involvement in New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s mounting political scandal is drawing national attention and scrutiny.  Last night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow zeroed in on Mowers direct appeal to the Mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey for a Christie endorsement and the NHGOP’s absolute refusal to answers even the most basic questions what role Mowers played in Christie staffers scheme to take political revenge against the entire city of Fort Lee after the endorsement didn’t happen.

Watch the full segment here [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNuggAaz0vo&feature=youtu.be&noredirect=1] a transcript is included below.

With pressure mounting everyday how long until the NHGOP and Mowers finally come clean to the people of New Hampshire and  answer to the most basic questions?

  • When did Mowers hear about the plan to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge to punish Fort Lee, and was he involved in concocting it?
  • What contact, if any, did Mowers have with employees of the Port Authority, and did others within the Christie campaign have contact with Port Authority employees?
  • And when was the last time Mowers talked to Bridget Kelly and Bill Sepien, his two former bosses who have been forced to resign, and did they discuss the bridge scandal?

FULL TRANSCRIPT:  That same date though the Wall St. Journal named the guy. Turns out reportedly it was a guy named Matt Mowers. Matt Mowers according to the Wall St. Journal was this Christie campaign official who was responsible for calling fort lee mayor mark Sokolich and other democratic mayors across New Jersey and trying to talk them into endorsing Chris Christie. And now we know what happens when you say no. That may or may not have been the reason that parts of the George Washington bridge and the entire city of fort lee were shut down for 4 days in September, but it's definitely how jersey city lost all that help they were due to get from the state of New Jersey this past year. You say no to the endorsement you lose everything we were going to give you. In any case, now that Matt Mowers has been named as playing a sort of key role in this huge scandal that has wrapped around the New Jersey Governor’s office like a giant squid, what’s happening to old Matt Mowers. Interesting story it turns out. Turns out the day after Christie was in fact reelected as governor of New Jersey, the very next day Matt Mowers got a new job. He was appointed the executive director of the Republican Party in New Hampshire. Not New Jersey, New Hampshire. Hmmm why would a Chris Christie campaign guy want to be working in New Hampshire heading into this next campaign cycle? Since it became clear that Matt Mowers was pretty much right in the middle of the Bridgegate scandal, the New Hampshire press and the New Hampshire politicos have been in a bit of an up roar over his being the new executive director of their Republican party. The state democratic spokesman says quote, Matt Mowers spent years under now disgraced aides of Chris Christie, and we are all left to wonder what dirty tricks they taught him and what plans he has to use them in New Hampshire. So far the Republican Party has responded with statements defending Matt Mowers in a general sense but not mentioning the fact that he used to work for Chris Christie. Does Matt Mowers hold on to that really important political job as the executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party. Don't know. It probably depends on whether his name surfaces again in a more damning way in any of these more subpoenaed documents that we expect to get once the assembly investigation moves forward.