Testerman For US Senate - Obama Wants to Keep Invading Your Privacy

CONCORD, NH - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, offered her comments on President Obama's speech concerning the inconsequential changes he would like to see to the NSA.

"President Obama expressed his determination to continue violating the unalienable right to privacy through an arm of government collecting citizens' phone activity," Testerman said. "Requiring businesses to hold our private information, collecting our private information as part of a search of millions of Americans, or having a private contractor collect that information is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

"More oversight by the increasingly powerful executive branch will not guarantee anything. It is precisely the power of those in the executive branch that many Americans are so concerned about.

"More meetings between Congress and the likes of James Clapper and Eric Holder will likely lead to more lies and obstruction, as we have witnessed in the past year.

"I oppose the gathering of information by the federal government, directly or indirectly, through general warrants. That's what the Fourth Amendment ensures."