Second Amendment Sisters Name Assistant to the Director of Legislative Affairs

New Hampshirite to serve in bolstering efforts to prevent erosion of the Second Amendment

Concord, NH, January 1, 2014: 
Long-time Second Amendment activist Susan Olsen and New Hampshire resident has been named by the National board of Directors as Second Amendment Sisters’ Assistant to the Director of Legislative Affairs.
2013’s assaults on the rights of law-abiding gun owners and enthusiasts across the country show no let up in the New Year.  To meet this threat, Second Amendment Sisters will be doubling its efforts to map, monitor and mitigate these legislative and regulatory actions.  Working hand in hand with National Director of Legislative Affairs, the Honorable Jenn Coffey, Olsen will focus much of her attention on state houses across the county, tracking legislation that seeks to weaken the rights the Founders fought and died to grant us. This  larger voice for women who believe that protecting and preserving their Second Amendment rights will be heard loud and clear. The Second Amendment Sisters refuse to compromise on this issue in any way.
Coffey, Olsen and all SAS chapters and members know that bad people win every time our legislators choose to violate their oaths of office to protect and defend all of the Constitution. Women have the natural right to defend themselves, their family and property. We also have the right to enjoy shooting sports.  By expanding its legislative watch program, once again SAS heeds the call to act, understanding that failure to stand up for our rights may result in having no rights at all.   
Honorable Jennifer Coffey
National Director of Legislative Affairs
Second Amendment Sisters, Inc.
SAS Phone: 877-271-6216

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Assistant to Director of Legislative Affairs