Freekeenenews - Robin Hood of Keene Welcomes Keene State College Students Back by Filling Parking Meters for Them

Robin Hooders to Protect Returning KSC Students From Parking Tickets

Robin Hood of Keene believes strongly in the importance of education.  Therefore, it has agreed, in solidarity with Keene State College, to welcome our future scholars back to Keene, New Hampshire by filling the parking meters on the College side of Main Street near Keene State College all day on Wednesday, January 22 2014.

As you may recall, Robin Hood of Keene collaborated with City of Keene last year to extend the Holiday Parking Week by an additional day. Just as that was the first time Robin Hood of Keene partnered with City of Keene, this will be the start of Robin Hood of Keene's partnership with Keene State College. The partnership with City of Keene was a win-win for the people and small businesses of Keene. Robin Hood of Keene is looking forward to additional partnerships during 2014 with one overall goal in mind - saving the people from the King's tariff.

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