Innis For Congress - The Innis Budget Agenda

Dan Innis Releases Plan To Help Balance The Federal Budget

Part II of the Innis Agenda



Manchester, NH
- Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's 1st congressional district, today released his plan to help reform Congress' broken budget process.

The Innis Agenda for Balancing the Budget will work in tandem with the upcoming Innis Agenda for Jobs and Economy, as well as the Innis Agenda for Health Care, published last month, and the Innis Agendas for Education and Energy, coming later this year. 

Dan announced his budget plan in an op-ed in the Portsmouth Herald on Sunday.

"There are many pressing issues facing our federal government, and there are a large number of important bills that should be debated. But Congress's first job should be passing a balanced budget," said Dan Innis.

Innis continued, "That's why I have proposed The Innis Agenda for Balancing the Budget, a series of common sense reforms designed to help Congress move beyond today's crippling partisan battles and begin to live within its means."

Dan's proposal includes support for Graham-Rudman type spending caps, ending corporate welfare and biennial budgeting. The Innis Agenda for Balancing the Budget also calls for a fairer, flatter tax code.  

Dan's entire budget plan may be downloaded on the campaign website by clicking this link.