NHDems Statement On Executive Council Primary Election Results

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on the special election primary results in the Executive Council District One:

"Mike Cryans is running a grassroots, people powered campaign, and twice as many people have invested in his campaign as have as in all of Republican candidates combined. Voters know as their Executive Councilor Mike’s top priorities will be protecting taxpayers, strengthening the middle class, and investing priorities that grow the economy and create good jobs.

"New Hampshire voters spoke loud and clear when they overwhelmingly rejected Joe Kenney in 2008. His reckless brand of Tea Party ideology would put women's health care at risk, cost the state millions in taxpayer dollars, and cut investment in critical priorities like education and roads.

"After spending nearly $100,000 in the past weeks, today's dismal turnout must be considered nothing less than yet another rejection of the New Hampshire Republican Party.  While national Republicans pledged to rebrand their out of touch party after the 2012 elections, New Hampshire Republicans doubled down on the same chilling rhetoric and Tea Party policies and continue to alienate voters."