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ALG's Daily Grind - Character or caricature in American Politics: The Wendy Davis story(s)


Jan. 22, 2014

Character or caricature in American Politics: The Wendy Davis story(s)
You may not have heard about Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and if you have, it is likely that what you know is, at best, a carefully crafted narrative of her life story.

Cartoon: Crappy care
Is Obamacare really supposed to help younger Americans get affordable health care… or something else?

Is this any way to treat the job creators?
After weak jobs report White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer promises: "The president will use every tool he can to create jobs and opportunities for the middle class." Yeah? What about approving the Keystone pipeline?

Schiff: The menace of deflation?
"I would argue that those who lived through the Great Depression were grateful that they were able to buy more with what little money they had."

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