NH GOP - US Sen Shaheen Out of Touch with New Hampshire



Jeanne Shaheen has lost touch with the people of New Hampshire she claims to represent.

No town hall meetings where voters can ask unfiltered questions about the big issues. Terminating our health insurance and blocking access to our preferred doctors and hospitals. Taking away our freedoms and burying New Hampshire's small business economy in mountains of new paperwork and regulations.


Her record is so awful that her campaign for re-election has only a single self-interested message: give me money so that I can attack Republicans who are offering solutions to our nation's jobs, debt, and healthcare challenges.


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She's become just another Washington career politician concerned only about holding onto her taxpayer funded pay and perks.


Here's how out of touch Jeanne Shaheen really is:

-- She voted for the Arms Control Treaty to attack our 2nd Amendment rights and to foster a global gun owner registry.

-- Without her vote, the Dodd-Frank bill would not have passed. This bill is great for Wall Street, but awful for New Hampshire's community banks and New Hampshire's Main Street small business economy.

-- Used the IRS to target Americans for their political views.

-- And she was the deciding 60th vote for Obamacare, wreaking havoc on healthcare providers and patients and driving up our already highest in the world cost of healthcare.


All Jeanne Shaheen can do to defend her sorry record is to attack Republicans.  She just spent tens of thousands of dollars of her Wall Street backers' money on a poll on me.  Her two trackers follow me at every public appearance. But she won't ever appear in public.


It's to time retire Jeanne Shaheen and her sorry bunch of placeholder, Obama rubber stamp Democrats with good Republicans who can and will represent New Hampshire.


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Thank You,


Jim Rubens



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