NH House Republican Alliance comments on HB474 Tuition Break For Illegals

HOUSE REPUBLICAN ALLIANCE ISSUES STATEMENT ON  HB474, Allowing instate tuition to certain student.

The House Republican Alliance issued a statement today on the passage of HB474, allowing in state tuition to students of illegal aliens.  The bill would give the in -state tuition rate to some students who wish to attend the university system and whose parents have entered the country illegally. 

"This is wrong on so many fronts," stated Rep Al Baldasaro- Londonderry. " Students from other states, whose parents have paid taxes and done everything right throughout their child's life are still forced to pay out of state tuition rates, yet because a student's parents broke our laws and entered our country illegally, they get a tuition break . This also opens up the door to take away taxpayers money for $500.00 grants to New Hampshire kids.  These students will now be eligible to take grants that could have been applied to legal, instate students."

"I can appreciate that they may have not come to the United States on their own volition, however, it is also unfair to foreign students who are lawfully in the United States on visas.  They must pay out of state tuition rate.  We are sending a terrible message to these students who follow the rules and pay higher tuition rates.  Let them wait until they have applied for legal residency and become citizen, then they can get the in-state tuition rate," Stated Rep. Ralph Boehm- Litchfield.