CEI Today: Court grants Obamacare appeal, attack on anti-bacterial soap, Target and data security, and an EPA bamboozle

Friday, January 24, 2014
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Court Grants Expedited Appeal in Obamacare Lawsuit

The D.C. Circuit on Thursday granted our motion for an expedited appeal in a lawsuit challenging IRS implementation of Obamacare. Specifically, the lawsuit seeks to enforce the letter of the law, which precludes the federal government from providing tax credits to purchase health insurance on federal exchanges.


“As this motion for a speedy appeal makes clear, there are compelling reasons for the appeals court act to quickly, because people are making their health insurance plans and billions of taxpayer dollars are now being spent each month in insurance subsidies for policies purchased through federal exchanges,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute general counsel Sam Kazman in a statement. > Read more

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Palm Beach Post: Immune compromised patients will suffer from anti-bacterial soap ban


Many people with compromised immune systems use antibacterial soaps and gels, particularly when they’re on the go, to reduce health risks. But environmentalists have launched a campaign to ban triclosan, the active ingredient in these soaps. That action would do nothing for public health while thwarting consumer access to helpful products. > Read more

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Openmarket.org: Target, Retailers Use Dodd-Frank to Skimp on Data Security

Chutzpah, thy name is the National Retail Federation! In the wake of the recent credit and debit card breach at Target that may have compromised the data of up to 110 million consumers, the leading retail trade association argued in federal court on Friday that it should pay even less for fraud prevention and cleanup after fraud losses.

Joined by the National Association of Convenience Stores and the National Restaurant Association, the NRF claimed to the court that it is actually against the law for banks and credit unions to charge retailers for fraud losses in debit card processing fees. > Read more

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Globalwarming.org: EPA Bamboozles Science Advisory Board on Carbon Pollution Standard


Yesterday, I listened in on the EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB) teleconference call regarding a possible SAB review of the science underlying the agency’s proposed Carbon Pollution Standard, and what I heard was shocking.

Simply put, EPA misled the SAB, in order to avoid a potentially embarrassing review. By my count, EPA told the SAB three whoppers about the Carbon Pollution Standard. > Read more

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Score one for Obamacare

Last week, a federal court struck down one of the major legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act. Washington, D.C.

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