Lambert For Congress - Team Lambert announces another 50 public endorsements

Gary Lambert for Congress


Col. Lambert is happy to announce today another 50 public endorsements joining Team Lambert. "I am proud of the continued and growing support our team is receiving. Our effort to help grow the economy, fight for less government intrusion into our lives and to keep our state strong continues to gain traction."

These additional 50 supporters join the already lengthy list of Granite Staters including State Representatives, small business owners, and local community leaders who stand behind Col. Lambert in his effort to become the next Congressional Representative for New Hampshire’s 2nd District. They know Col. Lambert to be a lifelong hardworking Marine, successful small business owner, and an outstanding member in his community.

Mrs. Barbara Baylis- Salem
Mrs. Dottie Beal- Salem
Rep. Ron Belanger- Windham
Mr. Nancy Blaisdell- Atkinson
Mr. Bruce Breton- Windham
Mr. Lawson Brouse- Salem
Mr. Phil Busby- Atkinson
Mr. Michael Cambra- Salem
Mr. Paul Carlson- Salem
Mrs. Lorna Carlson- Salem
Mrs. Susan Carroll- Atkinson
Rep. Robert Elliot- Salem
Mrs. Barbara Elliot- Salem
Mrs. Darlene Graczyk- Atkinson
Mr. James Graczyk- Atkinson
Mr. Stephen Gudek- Salem
Ms. Lauren Hardacre- Atkinson
Mr. Damon Kenison- Salem
Rep. Walter Kolodziej- Windham
Mr. Paul LaRochelle- Salem
Mr. Al Letizio- Windham
Mr. Peter Zohdi- Windham
Dr. Kirwan MacMillan- Atkinson
Mr. Dick Magoon- Atkinson
Mr. George McNamara- Salem
Mr. Ray Messina- Windham
Ms. Leann Moccia- Atkinson
Mrs. Gina Nassar- Salem
Mr. Joe Nassar- Salem
Mr. Mark Samsel- Windham
Mr. Gene Schneider- Atkinson
Mr. Dennis Senibaldi- Windham
Mr. William Smith- Atkinson
Ms. Martha Spaulding- Salem
Mrs. Nancy Stickney- Salem
Rep. Joe Sweeny- Salem
Mrs. Barbara Sweeny- Salem
Mr. Paul Therrien- Windham
Mr. Peter Torrosian- Atkinson
Mr. Richard Ward- Salem
Mrs. Estelle Ward- Salem
Mr. Jay Yennaco- Windham
Mrs. Ruth Youngblood- Atkinson