Microstamping drives gun manufacturers from CA market

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Micro-stamping requirements are blocking improvements for safer handguns and forcing gun manufacturers to withdraw from the California market. Both Smith & Wesson and Ruger, the only 2 publicly traded gun manufacturers in the U.S., just announced that they would no longer market new semi-automatic pistols in California.  

Under California's "Unsafe Handgun Act" all new pistols must include microstamping. Likewise, anything other than a cosmetic change means that gun falls off the Roster and must be retested.

Smith & Wesson Quote -  “Although the company continually seeks ways to refine and improve its firearms so consumers have access to the best possible products, the State of California is making it impossible when it comes to California residents."

"Smith & Wesson does not and will not include microstamping in its firearms" the statement says, adding that studies indicate the procedure is "unreliable, serves no safety purpose, is cost prohibitive and, most importantly, is not proven to aid in preventing or solving crimes."

Ruger Quote -  "Until microstamping is repealed, we expect that Ruger pistols - some of the safest available- will continue to be forced off the Roster."

If your editors are interested in this story, I can arrange an interview with Chuck Michel, West Coast Counsel for the NRA & Senior Partner at Michel & Associates who is actively involved with opposition to this misguided effort to undermine the 2nd Amendment. Mr. Michel is working closely with the NRA, NSSF and Smith & Wesson in seeking a resolution.


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