NRSC - Obamacare: Beyond Repair


New figures released indicate that just about everyone is running from Obamacare, including - most tellingly - the people it was passed to help. Just 1 in 9 people who have signed up for Obamacare didn't previously have insurance, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

That means that around 90% of Americans registering for Obamacare once had insurance, but don't have it any more. Sound familiar? Not only has Obamacare failed in its original goal to deliver insurance to the uninsured, it's actually created more uninsured than it's covered.

We've heard this all before, too many times. This law is beyond repair, but the Obama administration would rather ride their signature law into the ground than repeal or replace it. The only way to make progress on this law is to elect Republican majorities in Congress. Only then can we take apart this law and build something better.

We're fighting for a Republican Senate Majority - the most critical part of the equation.

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