Citizens Report: Lie of the Year, in-state tuition for illegals, and more

Video: Rep. Carol Shea-Porter awarded with the "Lie of the Year" award from Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire
Earlier this year, Politifact credited President Obama with the "Lie of the Year" for his false promise that if you like your healthcare plan, under Obamacare, you could keep it.

Considering Rep. Carol Shea-Porter made similar untrue statements, which you can watch here, we found it fitting for Rep. Carol Shea-Porter to be recognized for it.

While we tried to present the congresswoman with her award at her farce of a town hall meeting a couple of weeks ago, seen here, we were told "protestors" were not allowed at her "public town hall meeting" and we were asked to leave the premises.

This week, we tried again, but this time, we visited her at her Manchester office.  While she wasn't there to accept it, you can watch video of our delivery by clicking HERE.

In addition, as reported by the NH Journal, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's staff took to Twitter in response to our delivery. What astonished us, and those at the NH Journal, was the political nature of her federally paid communications staff's tweets during a workday. Comments made by Rep. Shea-Porter's staff have raised serious questions of what they are doing on the taxpayers' time. Click HERE to read the article in the NH Journal.
Opposing HB 1589, which would mandate all private gun sales in New Hampshire require a background check

On Tuesday, the New Hampshire House Commerce Committee held a public hearing on HB 1589, legislation mandating all private gun sales to require a background check.


Matthew Murphy, Director at Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, testified in opposition to the bill at the State House in Concord.


You can click HERE to listen to Matthew's testimony.

We believe this legislation significantly infringes on Granite Staters' second amendment rights. While we will keep you informed regarding any movement on HB 1589, we encourage all Granite Staters to begin contacting their State Representatives and voice their opposition.


In-state tuition for illegal immigrants in New Hampshire?  


Also this week, liberals in the New Hampshire House passed HB 474 with a vote of 188-155, legislation allowing for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. It now will be considered by the New Hampshire Senate.

Prior to the vote, the Union Leader had a very well-written editorial in opposition to HB 474 saying, "
if you are a legal resident of Massachusetts, you would have to pay out-of-state tuition rates at University System of New Hampshire institutions. The same should apply if you are a legal resident of Mexico."

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is strongly opposed to this bill. To help us defeat it, please contact your state senator and tell them to vote against it. In addition, click HERE and join the hundreds of Granite Staters who have already "Shared" this Facebook image to keep up the pressure on our elected officials.

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