American Principles In Action - RNC Takes Major Steps for Life This Week, APIA in the News

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The Republican National Committee made unprecedented strides this week to promote the dignity of human life, which shows great promise for the future of the Republican party and for America.
On Wednesday January 22nd, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and his fellow RNC delegates joined hundreds of thousands of Americans in Washington, D.C., in an unprecedented move to participate in the March for Life.
Yesterday, the RNC took another step in the right direction, and voted to pass a resolution that seeks to encourage Republican candidates to fight back against the Democrats' 'War on Women' attacks. The resolution also states that the RNC will not support a “strategy of silence” when it comes to Republican candidates and the life issues.
This resolution was put forth by RNC Committeewoman and APIA board member Ellen Barrosse, and comes on the heels of the American Principles in Action’s report “Building a Winning GOP Coalition,” which was released back in October 2013. APIA’s report recommended that the Republican party speak out on the social issues, including life issues, instead of using their current ‘strategy of silence’ on the social issues. This report is available online and can be read in full here.
You can also read the entire RNC pro-life resolution at the bottom of this CNN story:

Major news clips on the RNC’s Resolution, that you don’t want to miss:
The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer – CNN
Ellen Barrosse, RNC Chairwoman and Board Member of the American Principles in Action, discusses the "Resolution on Republican Pro-Life Strategy" with CNN correspondent Tom Foreman on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on January 21st, 2014.

The Lead with Jake Tapper – CNN
CNN national political reporter Peter Hamby and CNN chief congressional correspondent Dana Bash discuss the "Resolution on Republican Pro-Life Strategy" with Jake Tapper on The Lead on January 22nd, 2014. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is also interviewed during the segment.

Inside the Beltway: GOP Advised to Battle ‘War on Women’ Rhetoric The Washington Times
“Some Republican candidates have adopted a strategy of deflection and silence when attacked with ‘War on Women’ rhetoric, and we’ve now seen that silence is a losing strategy,” says delegate Ellen Barrosse, who authored the resolution and is a board member of American Principles in Action, a nonprofit group.

“If Republican candidates want to connect with key voters, such as women, Hispanics, and young people. They need to fight back on the life issue when attacked,” she adds.”
Read the full article here.
GOP Readies for 2014 with New Tactics, Familiar Messages – CBS
“RNC delegate Ellen Barrosse, also a board member of American Principles in Action and the author of the resolution, told CBS News that GOP candidates like 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Virginia’s 2013 Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli lost their respective races after inadequately answering charges that they were insensitive to women’s issues. Democrat Terry McAuliffe only narrowly beat Cuccinelli in November after pro-abortion rights groups poured money into the campaign.

“Our polling shows that in a situation where Democrats attack Republicans with ‘war on women’ rhetoric and Republicans then attack Democrats for their extremism on abortion, both candidates suffer...  but the Democrat suffers more, and he won’t [use that attack] again,” she said.”
Read the full article here.
GOP to Push Candidates to Defend Anti-Abortion Stances – The Hill
“RNC delegate Ellen Barrosse of Delaware is sponsoring the "Resolution on Republican Pro-Life Strategy” and will introduce it at the committee’s winter meeting in Washington this week.
“Candidates who stay silent on pro-life issues do not identify with key voters, fail to alert voters to Democrats’ extreme pro-abortion stances, and have lost their elections,” the resolution says. 
Barrosse and her co-sponsors say the GOP needs to take on the Democrats’ “deceptive ‘War on Women’ rhetoric.” The resolution says the Republican Party will support anti-abortion-rights candidates who overcome a strategy of silence on the issue.”
Read the full article here.