NRSC - Harry Reid is Plotting


We’ve been saying for a while now that the stakes couldn’t be any higher for 2014. And it’s true. The 2014 Senate elections aren’t just about the next two years. If we fail to take the majority in November, we risk losing the majority for years to come. Which means more taxes, less healthcare freedom, and policies that hurt job growth and our economy.

Harry Reid’s making this extremely clear in his messages to supporters.

Reid says Dems can put the Senate out of the GOP's reach for years to come

Reid knows the midterms are much bigger than the next two years. He'll do whatever it takes to win the Senate this fall and keep his majority – and reckless agenda - for years to come. That’s why we can’t wait to fight back. Your support today is absolutely critical if we want to match the Democrats political fundraising machine.

Please contribute $100, $50, $25 or what you can today to help Republicans take the Senate in 2014.


Rob Collins
NRSC Executive Director