Shaheen For US Senate - Politico reports

Jeanne Shaheen


As I write, the Big Oil Koch brothers are wrapping a weekend strategy and fundraising session in Palm Springs with the country’s wealthiest GOP donors.

Their focus? Doing whatever it takes to defeat Jeanne – so they can take the Senate and ram their entire right-wing agenda through Congress.

Politico reports the Kochs are rolling out a 2014 offensive that will make 2012 look like a walk in the park. You and I have already seen the previews – almost $900k and counting coming from the far right in outrageous attacks on Jeanne.

Jeanne’s holding in the polls – but given the Kochs' alarming expansion plans, we can’t take any chances. If we want Jeanne to be ready for what’s coming, we’ve got to make our $64,000 January 31 fundraising goal. Please help us now – before the deadline.

Click here to donate $5 or more – help us get the truth out about Jeanne’s record and keep the Senate out of the Kochs’ clutches.

We need to fight the Koch brothers' attacks to hold the Senate. Contribute now.

There’s no question, our race is in high gear. Scott Brown could file papers any day, bringing a new slew of Big Oil and Wall Street attacks on Jeanne.

We can’t let the right-wing special interests buy this Senate seat – not after all Jeanne’s done for New Hampshire’s families and businesses. And we cannot – cannot – let the Kochs determine our country’s future. If you can help with a contribution, please do it now.

Please help Jeanne – and our Senate majority – by contributing $5 or more now before the deadline on January 31.

We’re all grateful for your support of Jeanne. Thank you.

Kari Thurman
Friends of Jeanne Shaheen