AFP - What Obama didn't say


Tonight, the President did his best to shift attention away from the disastrous impact ObamaCare is having on millions of Americans. He would rather not talk about his "Lie of the Year" that has led to cancelled plans, skyrocketing medical bills, and lost access to doctors.

The President certainly didn't talk about Emilie, who was sitting in the audience while Obama spoke. Emilie was diagnosed with a life-changing disease when she was only 27-years-old.

Emilie voted for Barack Obama, and believed that ObamaCare would make things better. Sadly, Emilie's insurance plan was cancelled because of ObamaCare. Emilie has pre-existing conditions and still lost her coverage. Even though Emilie's chronic illness makes everyday life very difficult, she now works two jobs just to make ends meet and pay the extra $6,000 for her new health plan under ObamaCare.

Emilie is suffering the consequences of President Obama's broken promises -- and unfortunately, she's not alone. Millions of Americans are in similar situations because of the President's lies.

Please share Emilie's story, and join us in telling President Obama that Americans deserve better than broken promises and lies.


Tim Phillips
AFP President