NRSC - More of Obama's Empty Promises


Another year, another State of the Union.

Year after year, President Obama has made plenty of big promises in these annual updates to the nation.  Perhaps there is no better symbol of the President’s legacy of broken promises and unrealized potential than his annual State of the Union addresses.

He’s never focused on the serious business of job creation or getting our national debt under control, instead President Obama has consistently recycled the failed policies of the past.

Tonight, there are more Americans living in poverty than at any point in the history of our country.  Since President Obama took office, there are seven million more people living in poverty.  People are hurting across this country, as our national economy remains stagnant and inhibited by Washington’s whims.  But the President's priorities seem to be elsewhere.

The fastest way to raise someone out of poverty is with a well-paying job. We need to empower Americans that hire American workers. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be on the President's list.

We can ensure that the Obama agenda is stopped by building a Senate Republican Majority.  Stand with us by making a contribution of $100, $50, or $25 today!  Working together, we will fight for a better future for our country.


Rob Collins
NRSC Executive Director