AmericanPrinciplesProject - Social Conservatism, APP Leading Politico Story

Dear Friend,
Happy new year to you and yours. This morning, the American Principles Project was featured in the lead story in Politico’s Playbook. It is currently the top read story of the day.
Social Conservatives make big money plans” discusses social conservatism going into 2014 and quotes APP President Frank Cannon and Chairman Sean Fieler with regards to the GOP’s strategy.
The article also discusses American Principles in Action's recent report “Building a Winning GOP Coalition: The Lessons of 2012”. The report makes a case for social issues as winning issues, and argues that a winning economic message must address the concerns and realities of middle-class voters. Please read the article and pass it on.
With your continued support, we look forward to advancing our issues and ideals in the months ahead.
Marion D. Boteju
Executive Director
American Principles Project
American Principles in Action
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