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Wednesday, January 29, 2014
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Forbes: State Of The Union Address Power Grab? Why Congress Can Blame Itself

The executive powers Obama invoked and his amplified reliance on the “Executive Order” device derive partly from Constitution’s “vesting” clause. But that only goes so far.

More importantly in the modern context, executive branch obesity derives from powers Congress promiscuously delegated and continues to delegate to the executive branch and regulatory agencies that now make most of the law in America. Congress apparently has decided it has better things to do.
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State of the Union: Economic Band-Aids for Poverty and Unemployment

The President called for passing the $10.10 federal minimum wage bill currently winding its way through Congress. A lot of people aren’t making very much money. The "obvious" thing to do is legislate a raise for them. Pass it! Some people will clearly benefit; no doubt many of them will appear at press conferences if the increase is enacted. But there is a tradeoff. Those raises are offset by reduced hours and even firings for other people. There is also an unseen cost to the minimum wage: workers who are never hired in the first place. > Read more

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State of the Union: President Gets Minimum Wage and Gender Pay Gap Wrong

The President Obama surprised few in his State of the Union address, which was dominated by egalitarian and populist themes. The president is entitled to his ideology, but not to his own facts. On both the minimum wage and gender pay gap, the president’s position runs counter to the economic reality.

President Obama voiced strong support for legislation sponsored by Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, and Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour. He also encouraged cities and states to raise their minimum wages, citing the five states to have done so in the past year, while calling on businesses themselves to increase employee pay. > Read more

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Openmarket.org: New Farm Bill Will Deliver the Pork to Farmers

Last night House and Senate conferees agreed on a nearly $1 trillion farm bill that would eliminate long-standing direct payments to farmers but beef up the heavily subsidized crop insurance program. Farmers are pretty happy about that because federal crop insurance covers farmers’ crop losses or revenue losses, while the government pays a high percentage of the premiums’ costs and underwrites most of the insurance companies’ administrative costs.

The five-year farm bill replaces the 2008 farm bill, which had expired and was extended because Congress could not reach agreement on components of a new bill. > Read more


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