NH GOP - Pucker Up


Annie could barely contain herself.

After President Obama finished delivering another uninspiring State of the Union Address that focused on more of the same failed policies that have resulted in record debt and less economic opportunity, Congresswoman Kuster made her move.  


She raced to the aisle to grab a prime spot on the House Floor as the president departed. Giddy with excitement, she eagerly leaned in for an enthusiastic kiss as he passed by.


Watching Congresswoman Kuster literally embrace President Obama on national television with the same passion and eagerness that she has figuratively embraced his destructive agenda reminds Granite Staters about her misplaced priorities. Instead of going to Washington to stand up for New Hampshire, she has marched in lockstep with the president and voted with him 94 percent of the time.  Despite President Obama's plummeting popularity, Kuster continues to support his efforts to hurt working families with more job-killing regulations and ObamaCare's disastrous consequences.


Enough is enough. In order to get our country back on track we need to remove loyal Obama lackeys like Annie Kuster from Congress. It's time to replace her with a fiscally responsible Republican who can provide independent leadership and promote policies that create jobs.  


But President Obama and his liberal allies in Washington are lovestruck by Representative Kuster and her blind allegiance to their policies. They are smitten with her willingness to rubber stamp their agenda, and they will stop at nothing to keep her reliable vote in Congress.


That's why we need your donation of $50, $100 or $125 today to help us build the resources that we need to defeat Kuster in November.




Jennifer Horn 

New Hampshire Republican State Committee


P.S. - Your investment of $100, $75, $50 or $25 today will go a long ways towards helping our Republican candidates win in 2014.