NHDP - Attacking New Hampshire women

Dear Friend,

Did you hear what Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown said yesterday? After I joined a coalition of New Hampshire women to shine some light on his reckless, anti-women record, he decided his best response was to question - get this - my Granite State credentials.
Here's a newsflash for the Massachusetts Republican: I've been living, working, raising a family, and more importantly, representing the people of New Hampshire for nearly three decades.
While Scott Brown was voting to block equal pay and restrict access to birth control, I've been fighting to protect access to birth control and reproductive health care.  And while Scott Brown was busy voting billions in special breaks for Big Oil and energy companies, and the big Wall Street Banks, I've been fighting for job training and health care for New Hampshire workers, quality affordable education and to protect New Hampshire's environment and natural treasures.

Click here and help us shine more light on his reckless, anti-women, pro-Big Oil and Wall Street record, a record that is wrong for New Hampshire.

Scott Brown said New Hampshire voters need to "wake up." But you know what? We were awake when Brown voted to deny women access to contraception; awake when he voted to block equal pay legislation to help women, and we were awake when he voted again and again to protect tax breaks for the big oil and big energy companies and big Wall Street Banks donating millions to his campaign.

Scott Brown’s big oil and big bank buddies have spent nearly $1 million on phony attack ads against our Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Brown didn’t say a word.  But the minute women in New Hampshire start talking about the facts on his anti-women votes, Scott Brown starts whining and trying to change the subject.
The people of Massachusetts rejected Scott Brown and so will the people of New Hampshire.  It’s Scott Brown who needs to wake up and face facts.
Yours truly,

Senator Larsen
New Hampshire Senate Democratic Leader