Testerman For US Senate - Is Rubens Promoting More Welfare?

CONCORD, NH - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, pointed out the difference between her comment and Jim Rubens' comment on President Obama's plan to decree a higher minimum wage for federal contracts (link to statements).

Testerman criticized President Obama's step toward increasing the federal minimum wage, explaining that a higher minimum wage increase would reduce work opportunities for those in poverty and those just entering the workforce.

On the other hand, Rubens' statement seems to suggest that he would prefer programs that include "direct cash grants." Does that mean one of his solutions is more welfare?

"What this country needs is a roaring economy, not more government handouts. One solution would be opening the gas and oil market. That will create many jobs and new opportunities for American citizens," Testerman said.

"More jobs, higher labor force participation rate, less poverty.

"We need to have a full-blown tax reform to promote simplicity and transparency in the tax code. I believe in low taxes for everyone. The tax code should be simple and easy to file."