Andrew Hemingway Announces his Candidacy for Governor

Hemingway Launches Campaign Before Crowd in Manchester


Manchester, N.H. –New Hampshire native and tech entrepreneur Andrew Hemingway announced tonight that he will challenge Maggie Hassan for the Governor’s seat in November. Andrew made the announcement before a crowd of approximately 130 people at The Yard Restaurant in Manchester.


“I’m running for Governor because I believe our state motto is more than a fancy marketing tool, it’s a statement of principal,” Hemingway told the group of supporters.  “New Hampshire’s economy has been stuck in neutral for ten years and Maggie Hassan wants to maintain the status quo.  Of the thirty-four thousand businesses in the state, thirty-three thousand of them are the small Main Street businesses.  These hard-working families are bearing the brunt of ‘The Status Quo Governor’s’ failed policies.”


Hemingway continued, "Lobbyists, Crony Corporations, and the Federal Government have co-opted New Hampshire’s Corner office, and Maggie Hassan is unwilling to challenge these forces.  It’s time that we bring new ideas.”


Andrew announced a Solutions First platform for his campaign, where he will focus on Students First, Patients First and Workers First.

Andrew will be releasing a series of policy proposals over the course of the spring as his campaign develops.  “As Governor, I will challenge the status quo with innovative ideas and solutions to the state’s biggest problems.  As a candidate, I will show you exactly how I can do that.” he said.

For more information on Andrew and his candidacy for Governor, go to his website at