NH Senate Republican Majority - Sanborn Supports Lowers Taxes For All

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Bedford Republican sponsoring Business Tax Cut

Concord, NH – State Senator Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford) issued the following statement concerning the defeat of three Democratic bills to carve special tax breaks into the New Hampshire tax code.

“Since the day I came to the Senate, I have been fighting to not only hold the line on taxes, but to lower them across the board. The bills we defeated today did nothing to improve New Hampshire’s steep business tax burden. They singled out select interest groups for special treatment, leaving a higher tax bill for everyone else.

Instead of picking one industry, or one class of wealthy investor, we should be lowering business taxes across the board. But whenever we craft a new budget, increased spending puts tremendous pressure on taxes, and we run out of money before we can provide tax relief for New Hampshire businesses. That’s why I’m going to bring in a new bill to lower New Hampshire’s business taxes, and reset the baseline for New Hampshire next budget.

I look forward to working with my Republican and Democratic colleagues to provide real tax relief across New Hampshire, rather than picking winners and losers in the tax code.”