Sen. Forrester Statement on Bill to End the "RV Tax"

Concord, NH – Senate Finance Chairman Jeanie Forrester issued the following statement today after the Senate voted to pass Senate Bill 333 clarify that the state will not tax recreational vehicles under the property tax:

In 2010, the Republican legislature stepped in to end the ill-conceived “campground tax” that essentially taxed the ground campers and tourists slept on.  Today, I am proud to say that the Senate has voted to stop the “RV Tax” which the New Hampshire Department of Revenue sought to apply in order to tax recreational vehicles as homes under the property tax.

The inconsistent application of our tax code causes confusion for businesses across our state, and the patchwork of laws that have applied to campground owners in recent years has been among the worst.  By clarifying the legislature’s intent on these laws it is my hope that the owners of the state’s 117 private campgrounds will have the stability and clarity they need to operate their businesses without undue burdens from state government.