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ALG's Daily Grind - Good news for 2014: A domestic energy revolution is underway in the USA


Jan. 3, 2014

Good news for 2014: A domestic energy revolution is underway in the USA
The gains powered by innovative hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking") techniques are driving down energy prices nationwide and creating desperately needed jobs at a time when America's work force participation has shrunk to a 35-year low.

Eleven state attorneys general stand for the rule of law
The United States is a nation of laws and the actions of 11 state attorneys general to uphold the law should not be noteworthy. However, in today's environment, where the president believes he can wave a magic wand and dispense with the letter of the law, it is praiseworthy that the following attorneys general are doing what's right and taking a stand.

Messaging versus reality
One hopes "messaging" dies in 2014. It is rotting the country from the inside out like an ambrosia beetle whose name is so sweet but ultimately kills the trees it invades.

Lopez: Who could hate student achievement?
Hispanic Leadership Fund President Mario Lopez highlights the success of alternative education in Hartford, Connecticut's Capital Prep magnet school, a school with a 97 percent graduation rate, and how even that could somehow draw criticism from the education establishment.

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