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I believe 2014 will be a great year for Liberty.


Why? First, America has never been more fed up with big government. From learning of the NSA’s abuses to experiencing the realities of government-run healthcare, Americans of all political persuasions are feeling the force of government in their personal lives like never before.


The result is that Americans are entering the New Year -- which happens to be an election year -- ready to try something that has been seriously neglected in recent years: Freedom from government that does too much and costs too much.


The other reason I believe 2014 will be a great year for Liberty is YOU, and thousands like you who know that change doesn’t happen without effort. We have a historic opportunity in 2014 to put the brakes on out-of-control government and remind the American people -- and the politicians -- that the strength of our nation lies not in government, but in the freedom to pursue dreams, live our lives without unnecessary interference, and seize the opportunities that only a free market can provide.


In the weeks and months ahead, with your support, the Our America Initiative will mobilize activists in every state, produce videos such as this, and take a long overdue conversation about Liberty to the the news media and the social media universe.  


As Our America’s Honorary Chairman, I’m counting on you to help me make 2014 the year when the politicians can no longer push freedom aside in their determination to make government bigger and to control our lives.  


Your contribution of $5, $25, $100 or more today at Our America will make it possible for us to kick off 2014 with the impact that Liberty deserves.  I’m excited about the year ahead, and excited to have your support. The time is NOW.


Thank you, and Best Wishes for a happy, prosperous, and FREE 2014!



Gov. Gary Johnson

Honorary Chairman




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