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Washington, DC, Jan. 6, 2013 – The Senate today is expected to confirm Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve, despite unanswered questions concerning Yellen's views and plans. Those unanswered questions include: her policies on inflation, quantitative easing, the Fed's conflicting mandates on inflation and unemployment, the needlessly complicated Basel III standards for how much capital banks should keep in reserve, Dodd-Frank implementation and reforms, and more.

Joint Statement by CEI's Iain Murray, John Berlau, and Ryan Young

Questions about inflationary monetary policy, overregulation from Dodd-Frank, transparency at the Federal Reserve and the interplay of all these issues as they affect growth and freedom. We hope our lawmakers will do what they can to hold the Fed accountable and make sure these questions are answered. > View the full list of questions for Yellen

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Iain Murray

Director, CEI Center for Economic Freedom


John Berlau

Senior Fellow, Finance & Access to Capital


Ryan Young

Fellow in Regulatory Studies


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