Citizens For A Strong NH - Join us at Rep. Shea-Porter's town hall meeting

Join us for a visibility protest outside Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's first town hall meeting


Granite Stater,

After months of pressure from Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire and others due to her refusal to hold any town hall meetings to talk with her constituents, liberal Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has finally come out from hiding and has scheduled her first meeting since being sworn into office early last year.

Please join us on Saturday, January 11 at 9:00 am for a visibility protest rally outside the Maple Suites Senior Center to show your opposition to Congresswoman Shea-Porter's continued support for tax-and-spend liberal policies at her town hall meeting. 
With your voice, we can remind her that Granite Staters do not agree with her blind allegiance to Obamacare and her continued efforts to grow the size of government. We can tell her that she still needs to apologize for lying to New Hampshire when she untruthfully told us that we could still keep our insurance once the failing healthcare law came into effect. We can inform her that we do not want her to continue to vote for countless new taxes and fees, more big spending, or higher debts and deficits. However, to deliver this message, we need your help!


To attend the protest rally outside of her event, please RSVP to or or you can also RSVP at our Facebook event page by clicking HERE.
Please be aware that according to Congresswoman Shea-Porter, you must RSVP to Maple Suites Senior Center at (603) 742-8820 if you also want to attend the town hall meeting at 10:00 am to ask her a question.

Remember, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter's town hall meetings are rare events, so we look forward to seeing you there. Who knows if we will get another opportunity to do so.


Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire

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