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We've been saying for awhile now that Republicans are poised to take back the Senate in 2014, and the experts agree.
In an article for Politico Magazine, Professor Larry J. Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, writes that the election currently bends in our favor. He's been analyzing and predicting elections for a decade and, since 2006, has predicted winners in the Senate, House, and Governor races with 98% accuracy.
Professor Sabato says that are three solid reasons we should look for a Republican Senate this year:
1. Obama's Approval Rating: Soaring distrust of the President and his administration - more than 50% of the nation says Obama is neither "honest nor trustworthy" - coupled with the complete and continuing failure of Obamacare paints a grim picture for Democrats, many of whom are trying (unsuccessfully) to distance themselves from his administration.
2. The Economy: With a stated focus on a trophy immigration overhaul, Democrats continue to ignore an economy that still hasn't recovered from the housing crisis. Real unemployment and the labor force participation rate - the true indicators of American economic health - are still hurting, while Democrat supporters on Wall Street are seeing record profits again. Everyday Americans are sick of being left out in the cold.
3. Vulnerable Senate seats: There's quite a few Senate Democrats running for reelection in states that Romney carried in 2012. These senators - from Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia - know that they will be held accountable for tens of thousands of cancelled health insurance policies, among other false promises. Professor Sabato's own words: "In 2014, the Senate map unmistakably favors Republicans."
We've all got reason to be excited about this year. And with your help, we can build a strong Republican majority in the Senate.
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