Shaheen For US Senate - far from certain

Jeanne Shaheen


The Senate took a step in the right direction today by moving to allow debate on renewing unemployment insurance, but final passage is far from certain.

We have to continue putting pressure on Republicans in the House and Senate to get these life-saving benefits renewed.

In New Hampshire, 1,100 people, including moms and dads, are going without money they’re depending on. Across the country, the number could climb to 4.5 million Americans.

They’re forced to choose between paying their mortgage, putting food on the table or enough gas in their car so they can go back out and look for a job.

This is cruel, unconscionable and unprecedented. During the presidency of George W. Bush, unemployment insurance was extended five times. Five times. That Republicans are now balking represents a calculated attack on workers that costs our economy 310,000 jobs.

We need to demand obstructionist Republicans help us before families fall too far behind. Americans can’t afford to wait.

Click here to tell Republican obstructionists in Congress to help us pass an extension of unemployment insurance immediately.

Thank you for standing with our neighbors and fellow Americans,