ALG's Daily Grind - Obama's income inequality problem


Jan. 8, 2014

Obama's income inequality problem
So long as there is money, there will be an economy composed of relatively free individuals making individual decisions about how to spend their money. As a result of this freedom to choose how to spend money, some people will make more money than others.

True facts about ocean radiation and the Fukushima disaster
Even with the new groundwater leaks, the available evidence still tells me I can eat fish from the West Coast, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Mehrens: Senate should reject race-baiter Adegbile from Civil Rights post
"Adegbile is best known as the man who headed the NAACP Legal Defense Fund's voluntary racial assault on the integrity of a dead Philadelphia police office in a quest to get his murderer off of death row." 

Cooke: Owning up to the Obamacare lies
"Those who have elected to keep close tabs on the reactions to Obamacare's blotchy rollout will presumably have noticed that it has been marked by admissions of guilt. The latest such confession comes from The New Republic's Noam Scheiber, who bluntly conceded yesterday that 'Obamacare actually paves the way toward single payer.'"