NH GOP - Scared

Friend, , 

Jeanne Shaheen and her liberal special interest allies in Washington are scared.

They're scared because they know that New Hampshire voters are fed up with her failed leadership and they're ready to replace her in 2014.
But Washington politicians like Harry Reid won't let her go down without a fight. Shaheen has been a loyal foot soldier for her party leadership and an automatic vote for the failed Obama agenda. During her unaccomplished term in the Senate, she has voted with President Obama 95% of the time, cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare, and even voted against all of the grandfathering amendments offered to protect New Hampshire families' current healthcare plans.  
So it's no wonder liberal and out of touch special interest groups in Washington are rushing to Senator Shaheen's defense and trying to prop her up by attacking me and distorting my record. They are already spending over $150,000 on misleading ads because they don't want voters to focus on Shaheen's abysmal record and her broken promises.
Shaheen promised that Granite Staters could keep their health insurance if the liked it. But today, tens of thousands of New Hampshire families have lost their health care, medical options are decreasing and premiums are going up. Shaheen promised to address our debt and deficits, but instead she voted for the wasteful stimulus boondoggle that added to the debt but didn't add jobs.
In November, New Hampshire voters get a chance to hold her accountable and replace her with a fiscally responsible candidate. But Republicans will need to launch a vigorous campaign against the millions of dollars in special interest money that Shaheen's Washington allies are willing to spend to protect her.
That's why your contribution to the New Hampshire Republican Party is so important. Help them fight back against Barack Obama and Jeanne Shaheen's liberal agenda by donating today.
Thank you,
Senator Scott Brown