NH House Republican Alliance statement on Healthcare Exchanges

CONCORD – The House Republican Alliance (HRA) today issued at statement on the second passage creating a state exchange for Obamacare implementation.  HB 544, will allow the state to create and fund a state based exchange for Obamacare.
“The state's well known expertise in developing complex computer systems challenges that of the federal government and their implementation of Obamacare.  The transition to Medicaid Managed Care was delayed repeatedly due to IT problems.  We cannot expect that the detailed system required to operate a full- featured state exchange can quickly and cost effectively be implemented in the near future without high costs,  headaches and problems for our citizens,” Stated Carol McGuire- Epsom.
“Without the state exchange in place, the government cannot enforce the tax from Obamacare on residents and businesses for not having health insurance coverage.  Those who voted to pass HB544 put their constitutents in the crosshairs of the federal government,” stated Dan Itse- Fremont.