NH Sen. Bradley Statement on Statement on House Passage of Medicaid Expansion Legislation









Concord, NH – Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, issued the following statement today after the House of Representatives passed a new Medicaid Expansion plan with no public hearing as an amendment to an unrelated bill.

“At the end of the special session, political attacks undermined the opportunity for bi-partisan cooperation to help low income New Hampshire citizens obtain private health insurance.  The decision by House Democrats to fast-track without a public hearing Washington’s ObamaCare entitlement expansion again undermines the opportunity for bi-partisan cooperation on what is a very complex and costly issue.

“Increasing access to high-quality, affordable, private insurance for low-income New Hampshire residents remains a top priority for Senators of both parties.  We will continue to work through this process deliberately and carefully to ensure that any proposal is crafted in the best interest of New Hampshire’s hardworking taxpayers, health care providers, and patients.  Should the Senate reach a compromise New Hampshire solution on this issue, it will move through the usual legislative process as a Senate bill with a public hearing and adequate time for open debate.”