Testerman For US Senate - Shaheen Should Be Concerned about a Conservative

CONCORD, NH - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, revealed the faulty thinking behind Jeanne Shaheen's internal research and the ad supporting her. Testerman pointed out that neither Harry Reid's PAC nor Jeanne Shaheen herself understands the people of New Hampshire. Maybe Jeanne Shaheen's excuse is that she hasn't had a town hall since last summer. 

"Shaheen is doing research on Scott Brown while Harry Reid is attacking him, but they does not understand Granite Staters or many who stand against Obamacare," Testerman said. "Granite Staters do not like government mandates, restrictions, and regulations that hamper innovation and competition. They do not like government interference that spikes insurance premiums, raises deductibles, and limits access to their doctors.

"That's why they don't like Obamacare or Romneycare. Massachusetts has higher health costs than New Hampshire, even though Jeanne Shaheen has done her best to limit the number of insurance companies who do business in New Hampshire.

"The strongest challenge to Jeanne Shaheen will be from someone who understands that Obamacare is wrong on the national level. Someone who believes that not even states should restrict the opportunities created in a free market. Voters are looking for solutions to make medical expenses and insurance truly more affordable. That is why I favor a marketplace swarming with companies trying to offer better services at better prices.

"They do not think I am a threat because they do not understand New Hampshire."