Watchdog - Can we stop comparing each other to Nazis?


Ohio candidate helped write book comparing Republicans to Nazis


Democrat Kent Smith touts his book, “Please God Save Us,” as proof of his qualifications to serve in the Ohio House. But illustrations by the book's coauthor are full of violent imagery comparing Republicans to Nazis and use terms like "Republichrist Jihad Devil" and "Crosstika."

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 Saying ‘no’ to undocumented kids lands town in hot water


A small Virginia town said "no" to the federal government's plan to house undocumented minors in their town. The feds backed down, but groups that would have benefited from housing the minors are claiming racial discrimination.

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Nanny of the Week: Seattle imposes fine on residents who throw away food

A new city ordinance in Seattle allows trash collectors to look through your trash can - and charge you extra if you threw away too many table scraps instead of composting.

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