MANCHESTER Today on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Senator Shaheen distanced herself from campaigning with President Obama in New Hampshire, saying only, “I expect him to be in Washington.”
“Senator Shaheen may be attempting to distance herself from President Obama today, but she has embraced him and policies at every step during her six years in Washington,” said Elizabeth Guyton, spokeswoman for the Scott Brown campaign. “Last week, President Obama said that ‘every single one’ of his policies are on the ballot this November, and Senator Shaheen has supported every single one of those policies. The people of New Hampshire are smart enough to see through Senator Shaheen’s election year rhetoric, and in 26 days, they’ll get a chance to pass a final judgment on the failed Obama/Shaheen agenda by electing Scott Brown.”

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Andrea Mitchell: I want to ask you about President Obama because he hasn't been campaigning in a whole lot of states, people have not been inviting him. Would you rather have President Obama campaign for you or one of the Clintons?
Jeanne Shaheen: Well we actually have Hillary Clinton coming up and former President Clinton is going to be here next week for the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. So they are going be here and I’m delighted to have their support and to have them coming up to help us. I think at this point in the campaign, we want to turn out everybody we can because New Hampshire has a very big percentage drop off between the presidential year and the non-presidential year. And what we want is for people to know there is an election coming up November the 4th and to get out there and vote.
Mitchell: And having the president come would not be helpful?
Shaheen: Well, the president is dealing with a lot of crisis in the world right now and I think it's important for him to continue to address what's happening with ISIS. To continue to address the Ebola scare so I expect him to be in Washington.