Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Under Increasingly Grave Threat

From Frank's Desk


...That's how Politico characterized my opponent's position going into the final stretch, "under increasingly grave threat." This race cannot be won without your support though. 

Even better, the National Journal just released their list of the House Districts most likely to flip this fall, and guess what? They said "Shea-Porter is the most vulnerable incumbent in the country"!!! 

Long story short: With your help, we can win this.

We have to keep pushing forward and growing our team. Polls close in less than 27 days, we're going to need all hands on deck.

We can't take anything for granted though, she has the support of millions of dollars worth of liberal special interest groups, lobbyist and PAC money behind her. The more they label her as vulnerable, the more desperate her attacks will grow.  

Help us fight back.

Will you do your part and contribute $10, $35, $100, or even $250 TODAY?

Thanks for standing with us. With your help, we’re going to retire Shea-Porter this November.

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