NRSC - WTAS: Scott Brown Delivers Republican Weekly Address

October 11, 2014

What They Are Saying: Scott Brown Delivers Republican Weekly Address




This week New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown, who served in the Army National Guard for 35 years before retiring as a colonel, delivered the Republican Weekly Address. Click here to watch the address which was released this morning. 

In the address, Brown stressed national security concerns and the lack of the leadership under President Obama: "So many challenges, so many threats and problems – and all at the same time.   Yet the Obama administration seems only more confused as things unravel.  This is what the world looks like without American leadership. So it’s hardly surprising that national security is a central issue in this election.  I believe our state deserves an independent senator who will put party loyalty aside, and put our national interests first, each and every time—rather than simply voting with President Obama 99 percent of the time."

Brown also emphasized the need to secure our borders and the importance of caring for our veterans: "We can secure our own border.  We can maintain a military superiority that no rival will dare to question.  We can restore this great country’s leadership in the world, and everything rides on our success.  As President Obama said recently, he’s not on the ballot but his entire agenda is.  That’s your invitation to send the clearest possible message to the establishment in Washington.  Elect Republicans to the House and Senate, and we will bring that big-government agenda to an end.  And we will set this country on a better, safer path."


WTAS: Scott Brown Delivers Republican Weekly Address

THE HILL: "New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown said Saturday the U.S. is facing a 'dangerous moment' worldwide and the Obama administration is not up to the task. Delivering the weekly Republican address, Brown slammed President Obama’s handling of growing global tension, and suggested the administration’s immigration policies could actually expose American soil to terrorist attack."

ASSOCIATED PRESS: "Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown says America is at a dangerous moment in history and the Obama administration seems unable to handle several global crises. Brown is set to deliver the Republican party's weekly address Saturday and will spend most of it discussing homeland security. The former senator from Massachusetts is running against Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen. In a transcript provided before Brown's remarks, he says the border must be secured and the military expanded. He mentioned the fight against Islamic State extremists in Syria, unrest in Ukraine and this summer's war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. He says this is what the world is like 'without American leadership.'"

ABC NEWS RADIO: "In this week's Republican address, Senate candidate Scott Brown, from New Hampshire, spoke about the importance of defending American borders and defending the nation's interests abroad. Highlighting the growing number of international threats to American security -- ISIS, the situation in Ukraine, continued Israeli-Palestinian tensions and the threat of a nuclear Iran, among others -- Brown calls the Obama administration 'confused.' Brown recommends securing American borders, reversing the Obama administration's drawdown to the number of U.S. military troops and "[keeping] faith with America's veterans.'"

NEWSMAX: "The Obama administration seems 'only more confused' as international threats grow around the world, Scott Brown, Senate candidate from New Hampshire, says in Saturday's GOP address, and Washington needs senators who will put the nation's interests before party loyalty. 'So many challenges, so many threats and problems, and all at the same time,' Brown said. 'Yet the Obama administration seems only more confused as things unravel. This is what the world looks like without American leadership.'"

Watch the Republican Weekly Address here.