FreeKeeneNews - Keenevention is Coming Up Oct 31st - Nov 2nd

Keenevention is Coming Up Oct 31st - Nov 2nd

This year will be the 2nd annual Keenevention, an intimate yearly gathering of NH liberty activists and people from around the US and world who are considering moving to New Hampshire.  Last year's attendance was over 100 and we are on-track for the same size or larger this year.

Keenevention is organized by Keene-area activists, NOT the Free State Project.  It features all NH-based liberty activists as its speakers and panelists.  Panel discussions will span from legislative activism to direct action.  Keynote speakers will include the president of the Free State Project Carla Gericke, James "Robin Hood" Cleaveland, and jailed cannabis activist Rich Paul.  
Keenevention attendees will also be getting out of the hotel with opportunities to take part in Keene activism like Robin Hooding and Cop Block.  Last year, the city of Keene took its parking enforcers off the streets during Keenevention in response to our plans to have multiple Robin Hooders out-and-about!

Plus, since it's Halloween weekend we'll be having a costume/dance party and other social events.