Fracknation - VIDEO: Calvin Tillman runs away from fraud questions

CALVIN Tillman, a prominent anti-fracking activist, has said he will still rely on a fracking study compiled by a company with a CEO who admitted fraudulently claiming to be a qualified engineer and to have a PhD.

After being questioned by journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer, Tillman did not challenge several court findings that his "expert" was a fraudster but also said the would continue to use her "findings" to push his anti-fracking message.
You can see McAleer's attempt to get Tillman answer questions about the fraudulent scientist here:
In an attempt to stop the questions, Tillman's supporters attacked McAleer with anti-immigrant insults (McAleer is Irish) and even called the police. The police refused to take any action stating that it was not illegal to ask questions.
Calvin Tillman is the former Mayor of Dish Texas who has been claiming that fracking and gas processing in the area has poisoned his children and local townspeople. He is now a full-time anti-fracking activist.
However, it has emerged in a number of court cases that the scientific study Tillman relied upon to push his claims was compiled by a multiple fraudster.
A series of court hearings and judgements found that the tests and the results were put together by Alisa Rich of Wolf Eagle Environmental Engineers who:
McAleer - a journalist and filmmaker - has produced and directed FrackNation, an investigative documentary that examined many of the environmental claims about tracking and found most of them to be, disproved by science, exaggerated or fraudulent.

FrackNation was acquired by and premiered on AXS TV, owned by a maverick billionaire Mark Cuban. It was subsequently picked up for distribution by Magnolia Pictures and is now available on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and VOD. The movie was financed through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. It raised $212,000 in 60 days and was one of the most successful documentary campaigns ever funded through Kickstarter.
The New York Times described FrackNation as "provocative and meticulously researched."

Phelim McAleer is a filmmaker and investigative journalist. He most recently produced and directed FrackNation - a documentary to uncover the truth about Fracking. He has produced documentaries for CBC (Canada) and RTE (Ireland) and two independent feature length documentaries. Before becoming a filmmaker, Phelim was a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times in Eastern Europe. He also covered Romania and Bulgaria for The Economist. Before that he covered Ireland for the UK Sunday Times. He has worked as a filmmaker and journalist in many countries including Romania, Uganda, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Chile, Indonesia, Canada and China. McAleer has appeared on or is a regular contributor to an array of international media organizations including Fox News, CNN and the BBC. He has been interviewed on over 100 US and international radio shows.